Du Blonde - Baby Forever EP Fund Donation

Du Blonde - Baby Forever EP Fund Donation

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A note from Du Blonde -

"Writing and recording music is an expensive endeavour. I work hard and get by, but often I am 'just' getting by. I try to keep my costs as low as possible but in order to create work of quality, certain aspects of the making of music can't be skimped on, for example mixing and mastering (the things that make a song go from something sounding like it was recorded on a phone, to the music you hear coming out of an LP or some speakers). I often have to wait until I've made enough money from my side jobs as an animator, graphic designer and artist in order to start the process of making a record, however with donations I would be able to speed up the process of making music and deliver more to listeners, faster, and with a lot less stress, anxiety and frustration than in a world where I treat making music like a full time job while trying to pay the bills with others.

That being said, my next project is a 6 song EP of sad lo-fi guitar songs called Baby Forever. Written mostly in a depressive state around May 2021, it takes on a theme of apathy and heartbreak, looking at personal situations from both my own perspective and those of people I've interacted with (imagine a song written from the perspective of someone who's been a big meany). When I wrote 'Homecoming', one of the most fun parts for me was playing the demon character on 'Smoking Me Out'. I'm delving deeper into that with 'Baby Forever'. Not the demon voice, but the idea of embodying characters outside of myself and exploring personalities I would be averse to witnessing in other people. Songs about the unattractive side of things usually left behind in a medium often used to highlight the beautiful. These will be sad, slow songs that serve as an empathetic brain massage when you're feeling gloomy.

If you would like to donate, your donation will go directly to the creation of the Baby Forever EP, and in return you will receive a digital download upon release (please be sure to enter your email at checkout so you can receive this!). This goes for any donation price, if you can afford £3, you will receive the same thank you as someone who might be able to afford £50. If you choose to (and can afford to) donate, thank you for helping me make the shit I love to make. I have only ever been able to continue my work because of the engagement and support of people like yourself, and I will never forget that.

Love, DB"