Cadet A Transparent Blue Cassette and LA Zine
Transparent Blue Cassette and Case
Transparent Blue Cassette
Cadet A Cassette Case
LA Zine Cover
Cadet A LA Zine
Cadet A LA Zine Open
Cadet A LA Zine Back

Cadet A - Limited Edition Transparent Blue Cassette & Zine

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CADET A's debut release 'Apollo Zero' is out now on Limited Edition Cassette exclusively via Daemon T.V!

Featuring debut single 'Come See Me' (as heard on Steve Lamaq BBC 6music), Apollo Zero is a psych pop, glam, soul, space rock love letter to LA

The beautiful dark blue limited edition cassette will be accompanied by a fanzine exploring CADET A’s LA underground - including LA Mythology, Vaporwave, the LA psych scene and underground venues


CADET A is the not-quite-acoustic, psychedelic side project of United Ghosts’ Axel Ray. Conceived mostly under lockdown in Los Angeles, Ray’s solo effort takes us on a fuzzy, trippy space pop ride, stripping back the sound while using all the touchstones of his past work with United Ghosts—psychedelia, layered guitars, paisley underground, touches of electronica, girl group heartbreak—plus a healthy helping of glockenspiel.


Side A

Come See Me
Black Candy
I Come Down Endlessly (Feat. Kristen Marie Holly)
Meteora (Feat. Kristen Marie Holly)
Your Broken Heart Is Just A Number Now (Feat. Chelsea Ray)

Side B


Paper Flowers
Rainy Girl
Italo Drift