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Mr Bruce 'Race To Nowhere' - Limited Edition Recycled Cassette Tape & Zine Duo

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Here at DTV we are honoured to be releasing this Ltd Edition recycled cassette tape and zine duo with Mr Bruce. The accompanying zine comes in the form of an A6, 16 page booklet containing lyrics and images from the project and excitingly, each comes with it's own piece of tinfoil from the creation of the 'I Am Disaster' animation.

A portion of the profits from this release are being donated to Environmental Justice Foundation, who work to educate people on environmental and human rights abuses in some of the worlds toughest and most remote countries.

Mr Bruce ain’t messing about. The former frontman of The Correspondents, one of Britain’s most in-demand festival acts for a decade, went solo in spectacular style last year, unveiling a new sound which draws on decades of UK dance music, from tech house and drum’n’bass to garage and dancehall. On his debut EP RACE TO NOWHERE [PART ONE], Mr Bruce lets loose as never before. 

Lyrically candid yet flamboyant in delivery, it's as honest as it is inventive and as theatrical as we’ve come to expect from the bendy-bodied performer. The climate crisis looms large in the lyrics as does the breakdown of his marriage in 2019 and all his song writing is informed in some way by the death of his twin brother when he was 20 years old. "Musically, it’s the old Motown formula,” says Mr Bruce. “The songs have you itching to dance, but listen a little too closely and you may shed a tear!”

The release comes with 4 music videos (many of which have been animated by Mr Bruce) that have been picked up by multiple film festivals and are already scooping up awards. The wheels are definitely in motion for this multifaceted artist.