Pink Poison Double EP Limited Edition Gatefold CD
Pink Poison Double EP Limited Edition CD

Pink Poison - Double EP Limited Edition Gatefold CD

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Pink Poison - 'Return to Infancy' & 'Find Me a Light' EPs on Limited Edition CD is available exclusively via Daemon T.V.

CDs are limited to just 50, so don't hang around!

Newcastle based Pink Poison is a band with a sound akin to devil-possessed blues being blared through a slashed speaker cone. Filthy layered guitars, frantic dominating drums, and vocals that make your eyes water. The basis of their sound is simple, wild and playful and not to be taken lightly.
They are a band that do not want to be put into a box, always running true to their ideals and proclivities.
They look inward, outward, and anywhich way for new, interesting possibilities to make your ears ring.

"Sometimes, as demonstrated here, music doesn’t need to be complicated; sometimes, a large blast of raw intensity is all you really need"NARC. Magazine

Side A (Return to Infancy)

  1. I Saw My Dad in the Nazi Bar
  2. Grinnin’ in Your Face
  3. Bedsheet Blues 
  4. Coolest Man in Greggs

Side B (Find Me a Light)

  1. Find Me a Light 
  2. The Acid Sandwich
  3. Acid Rain Jane 
  4. Croissant